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AI Workflow Service Desk with 24x7 NOC to include Business Intelligence & Reporting and detailed CMD that integrates IT documentation and their interdependencies. Project Management.

Auto Create, Configure, Deploy, Manage, Update, Maintain, Back-Up, Recover, Secure. ANY IT assets on prem or cloud (Server, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, IP Phone, VDI, Switches, Firewalls, Routers, Storage devices, VPN etc). Support any OS or any Application, Security configuration , Software deployment, Patch & Application Management, back-up with multiple targets and with full security and compliance scanning and remediation. Full Asset and security inventory with advanced monitoring & remediation.


  • Real-Time Dashboard provides information about the status and progress of tickets as they move through your company’s support process.
  • Workflow rules ensure tickets move through your support process in a timely manner and generate alerts for complete visibility.
  • Asset Information at Fingertips with t easy access to asset/device information for quicker resolution of tickets.
  • Remote Access to Devices with the click of a button.
  • Auto-remediation of Tickets automate the execution of agent procedures/scripts and enable auto-remediation of tickets.
  • Centralized View with Asset Management folder is a centralized place to store all hardware and software assets.

Next-generation business management solution

  • Built specifically to monitor the workflow of your company and reduce operational costs.
  • intuitive interface makes it easy to learn and use, and it simplifies tasks so that all departments work more efficiently together.
  • Monitor service delivery with 360-degree visibility to maximize profitability

Business Intelligence & Reporting

  • Dashboard provides real-time information on the progress and status of tickets
  • Easily generate custom reports, and gain insights to make the right business decisions, quickly and confidently
  • Real-time information about the status and progress of tickets as they move through your company’s support process
  • Workflow ensure tickets move through your support process in a timely manner and generate alerts for complete visibility.
  • Centralized View into Your IT Assets
  • Live Connect to on net, cloud or remote assets for ease of management with the click of a button in service tickets and quickly troubleshoot the issue
  • Cloud Activ8 makes it easy to create and manage all your Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Meet or exceed your users expectations

Finance Management

  • Dashboard view contracts that what will be invoiced and you to do list all in one complete view.
  • Capture all Billable Items including cloud and security
  • Add additional information to line items or add a note on you invoice. Easily adjust quantities or unit pricing and apply discounts or attach receipts.

IT Documentation Manager

  • Discovery collector detects all devices on your clients’ networks, regardless of vendor and say goodbye to hidden devices. All network devices are automatically documented and updated
  • Diagramming generation delivers comprehensive network diagrams for you.
  • Track Any Asset with our completely customizable asset tracking engine, customize and enforce documentation standards to suit even your most specific requirements.
  • Track highly technical elements like wireless, virtualization, and server components or non-technical assets. Flexible Assets are fully customizable, so you can track anything you want, your way.
  • Documented Asset & Relationship Mappingwith zero degrees of separation.
  • Link related items together, so that all the information you need is at your fingertips. Rapidly define and understand relationships between various elements of your documentation.
  • With Runbooks, you’ll be able to create greater visibility into asset relationships between assets.
  • Documentation Automation provides programmatic access to read and write your account data, and connect with Cloud Activ8 tools and systems.
  • Knowledge Base & SOPsensure all systems, all integrations, access and diagrams in one place for your team to manage.
  • Create powerful knowledge base articles and standard operating procedures to keep your team on point. Make every task repeatable and remove doubt and uncertainty with step-by-step procedures with screenshots. Embed diagrams and link your articles easily
  • Secure Password Manager with an immutable audit trail and next-generation password management engine, which is fully integrated and linked with all of your documentation.
  • Password folders help organize your passwords, and manage security at the folder level. Top security features include granular access control, version management and detailed activity logs all within our ultra-secure, SOC 2-compliant platform.
  • Documentation Collaboration and granular permissions allow you to choose which documents to share
  • Automatic versioning and rollback of virtually everything including passwords, devices, domains, SSL certificates, and all custom asset types. When things go missing, restore them just as easily from the immutable audit trail in the activity logs.
  • Granularly control access to all resources by developing a customized, secure information hierarchy based on roles, users and groups. Easily control and limit access to specific assets or even entire organizations.
  • Template Libraryallows adoption of best practices with pre-built operations templates and our entire library at your disposal, based on ITIL and industry best practices.
  • The Checklists feature allows users to create lists of actions items, known as Tasks, within an organization and then assign them to specific team members. Manage your team’s workflows, and gain visibility into the status of critical tasks. Use checklist templates to create standardized process checklists that can be deployed in any organization."

Project Management Visibility and Collaboration

  • Complete Visibility with dependencies between tasks, timeliness and deadlines, and coordinate the allocation of resources and service calls across multiple projects and tasks.
  • Each project provides a complete financial summary of the costs and pricing associated with that project.
  • Labour time entries, expenses, and charges applied to a project are tracked by the Finance module for both billing and reporting purposes.
  • Quickly create new projects by copying an existing project or using a template.
  • Expenses can be entered into a project. Alternatively, users can enter an expense on an expense-sheet and link it to a project.
  • Projects can be created from a service quotation and linked to a corresponding contract. The method used to bill a project depends on the contract linked to the project. If no contract is linked, the project is billed on a time and materials basis.

Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Endpoint Reactive tasks
  • Agent Status – Online / Offline
  • Windows Service State –OS and Applications
  • Performance Counters – CPU, memory usage, disk space
  • Windows Event Logs – Application, System Security, Directory Service, DNS Server
Endpoint Proactive tasks
  • Maintenance Tasks (Disk Defrag/CHKDSK )
  • Printer Problems
  • Recycle of services
  • Driver installations
  • Workstation User login Admin/Issues
  • Creation/Deletion
  • Access Issues on Machine/Shared Drive/Passwords
  • User Profile migration
  • 3rd Party Software installation
  • Windows 7 to 10 Upgrades
Server Reactive tasks
  • 24x7 monitoring of servers managed by Cloud Activ8
  • Flexible notifications: on phone, email and SMS
  • Suggested alarm resolution
  • Scheduled and ad-hoc reports, providing operational and executive summaries.
  • Agent Status – Online / Offline
  • Windows Service State – Server OS and Server Applications
  • Performance Counters – CPU, memory usage, disk space
  • Windows Event Logs – Application, System Security, Directory Service, DNS Server
Server Proactive tasks
  • AD User Account Administration
  • Network Share Configuration
  • Service Pack installation
  • VM Migration
  • VM Resource Upgrade
  • AD Migration Assistance/ Replication Issues
  • Server Performance Troubleshooting
  • Exchange Server Troubleshooting
Server Proactiv Plus task
  • Proactive Classification, Prioritization and Escalation
  • All actionable items are escalated as tickets within your KServer
  • Define your notification policy using people, groups and communication methods
  • Group level escalations, if required
  • Notifications based on priority
  • Voice, SMS, and/or email notifications on “Critical” priority
  • Email notifications on “High” priority
  • Email/Tickets for “Normal” priority
Proactiv Secure tasks
  • Triage, Troubleshoot and Resolve
  • Driver or firmware updates
  • Clearing Temp Folders & Files for Low Disk Space
  • Windows Services Stoppages
  • General Windows Server
  • Basic Microsoft Exchange
  • Basic Active Directory
  • Kaseya agent offline conditions
  • Backup Execution issues
Server health
  • Server Health Check
  • For Managed Servers we offer routine Health checks of your endpoints. The health check
  • includes scheduled analysis based on the below.
  • Microsoft BPA (Best Practice Analyzer)
  • Resource Utilization
Server Reports
  • Monthly Alarm Volumes and Trending
  • Monthly Alarm Patterns & Recommendations
Back-up management
  • Backup Monitoring and Remediation
  • Backup Alert Set Configuration, Monitoring Backups, Troubleshooting and resolution of Backup Failures.
  • Provide notification to you that remediation actions are being taken by the NOC Team
  • Use best efforts to troubleshoot and resolve Failed backup jobs
  • Monitor backup job failures using standard features
  • Provide complete analysis and actions taken by the NOC Team, fully documented in the ticket escalation. This may include closed as well open actionable items
  • Success/Failure of Schedule Backup Runs
  • Top Cases of Failures and Recommendations if any
Patch Management
  • Ensures your customer environments are patched to specifications
  • Deploys a standard policy for you consisting of the Microsoft Security Patches (all levels).
  • The NOC Team will review recommended online forums/resources to see if there were any new known bad patches reported and will deny those patches in our default patch policy.
  • For newly released Security Updates automatically approved (Microsoft Security & Critical Patches)
  • Updates are installed within 2 maintenance window of patch release
  • This ensures that we have at least two typical maintenance periods to install updates; one to install the update and a second if there are any errors that need to be resolved after the first attempt
Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Management
  • Team is available 24/7/365 to assist in monitoring failures and threats detected using standard support features. Endpoint Security Administration is designed to provide assistance with daily operations
  • assistance with daily operations
  • Definition update failures using CloudActiv8
  • Scheduled scan failures using CloudActiv8
  • Installation, configuration issues are triaged on best effort basis & Liaise between customer and product support on any discovered issues not resolved by NOC
  • Provide complete analysis and actions taken by the NOC Team, fully documented in the ticket escalation. This may include closed as well open actionable items escalated to the customer
  • Monitoring of failed updates, failed scheduled scans, virus/threats detected
  • Tickets related to these issues are treated as "NORMAL" priority
  • Monthly Endpoint Security report
  • Endpoint Security policy adopted
  • Number of Endpoints Compliant with defined Security Policy
  • Number of Endpoints Pending along with reasons/ action plan
  • Router, Switch, Access Points, Firewall and SAN Endpoint Management
  • Send alerts on any critical failure or down situation as per the your requirement
  • Upon an alert condition is encountered, team monitors threshold alarm
  • Monitoring exit alarm state notification and appropriate notification is sent out

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