Cloud Activ8 Manage

Auto Create, Configure, Deploy, Manage, Update, Maintain, Back-Up, Recover, Secure.

ANY IT assets on prem or cloud.

Auto Create, Configure, Deploy, Manage, Update, Maintain, Back-Up, Recover, Secure. ANY IT assets on prem or cloud (Server, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, IP Phone, VDI, Switches, Firewalls, Routers, Storage devices, VPN etc).

Support any OS or any Application, Security configuration , Software deployment, Patch & Application Management, back-up with multiple targets and with full security and compliance scanning and remediation.

Full Asset and security inventory with advanced monitoring & remediation.

System Automation
  • Procedure Editor that to create and customize IT automation scripts for streamlining IT processes and auto-remediating IT incident
  • Reports, Templates of automation and assets, & employee onboarding and offboarding
  • The ability to execute agent procedures from anywhere
  • Desktop and server support with remote access and integrated ticketing
  • Patching and updating for Windows, Mac, and third-party applications
  • Security services (antivirus, anti-malware, and ransomware protection Etc)
  • oCloud or onsite backup and recovery
  • oNetwork and infrastructure monitoring
  • oWorkflow automation with Integrated Service Desk
  • oAudit and compliance reporting
  • oMobility management
Infrastructure Discovery
  • Visibility of all network devices and users on or off the network.
  • Quickly identify potential problem sources for faster remediation of IT incidents.
  • System scan can propagate throughout the network, perform a network investigation that returns critical information about the machines that you would like to manage.
  • Rapid deployment and LAN and domain & cloud discovery including cross-subnet
  • Full fingerprinting including OS, host names and services
  • Cloud Activ8 Live Connect delivers real-time remote control/a access across distributed networks so you can access any system, from any location.
  • Integrated workflow enables you to work with maximum efficiency without ever having to know the passwords on a target machine.
  • Access anything, including SSH devices
  • Install, with a single click, an extensible library of automated procedures to address common issues, such as rebooting, disk remediation, service restarts or clearing registries, back-up, apllciation deployment etc
  • Quickly spin up a session for devices without installed agents with Live Connect On Demand remotely in a single solution
  • Screen capture for regulatory compliance purposes
  • Secure and configure access to devices behind firewalls and NAT without requiring port mapping or infrastructure changes
Patch Management 
  • Centrally manage all software for any platform. Fully automate patch audits, deployment, roll-back and history. Scalable, secure and highly configurable policy-driven approach is location-independent and bandwidth-friendly, and helps ensure all machines are in compliance and are protected by offering
  • Set Windows and macOS patching configuration settings within Software Management’s Native Patching feature and over 40 3rd party applications
  • The ability to install, deploy, update and automate software and patches
  • Governance via policy and profiles.
  • Bandwidth optimized for rapid deployment
  • The capability to do all this and more from a single module built for integrated management
Remote Worker Management 
  • You need a solid remote endpoint monitoring and management solution like Manage that bridges the operational gap resulting from the massive transition to remote work. Manage not only allows you to actively monitor and troubleshoot endpoints, but also ensures high-level security of your systems and networks while your end users/clients work from home.
  • Remote support
  • Remote access
  • Collaboration tool
  • Employee activity monitoring
  • File sharing
  • Session Transfer
  • Task management
Software Management
  • Software Management is a key module in Manage that unifies software deployment and patching for Windows and macOS
  • Provides IT teams with the capabilities to comprehensively automate updates and identify software vulnerabilities to any software including 3rd party
  • The Software Management Module can deploy, install and update software for both on- and off-network devices, simplifying the work involved in keeping your IT environment up to date.
  • Vulnerability detection scans assets for installed and missing security patches
  • Detect’s software vulnerabilities that can be exploited to breach your IT environment.
  • Rapid distribution, of patches and software deployment on and off network
  • Policy profiles for automation of approval, review, or reject and override
  • Maximize uptime by controlling schedules and reboot scenarios
  • Pre- and Post-automation with scripting engine to execute scripts before and/or after key functions within your update cadence
  • Distribution Windows allow you to specify a range of time to spread tasks out across all devices using a specific schedule. This prevents devices from all starting a task at the same time
  • Blackout Windows prevent deploying patches during specific periods
Unified Cloud, Network, Server Application Monitoring Manager.
  • Datacentre & Server Monitoring, Scalable Network Monitoring and Hybrid Cloud and performance Monitoring
  • Correlated and service-oriented view of the IT infrastructure, and links the underlying IT infrastructure to the supported business services and processes.
  • Monitoring of public and private cloud environments such as AWS, vCloud Air, Azure, VMware, HyperV, Xen, UCS, vBlock and FlexPod environments etc
  • Automatically discovers virtual-machine and hypervisor dependencies and tracks virtual machines as they move across hypervisors. Traverse offers a multi-environment, scalable and rich platform for monitoring both public and private cloud environments, with features that allow troubleshooting performance degradation of services across hybrid cloud networks.
  • Seamless drill-down from system- and device-level monitoring to troubleshooting and analysis using flow and packet data and drill down from a high-level service container view to the specific host that is consuming the bandwidth or resources.
  • Predictive data analytics capability defining the behaviour of IT components over time and automatically adjusts alert thresholds to reduce noise and isolate the root cause of performance
  • Correlation and Root Cause Analysis Engine with advanced root cause analysis (RCA) features that extend beyond traditional network level analysis.
  • Real-time alarms are triggered based on approaching maximum capacity, traps, log messages, user defined maintenance, and other criteria taking into account the complex relationships between IT elements for delivering distributed applications.
  • Log and Event Manager captures processes, archives and displays a variety of events
  • SLA Monitoring and Measurement supports specification of SLAs for services and infrastructure in terms of defined metrics, such as, availability, latency, Committed Information Rate (CIR) and measures compliance against defined SLAs, and provides reports.
  • Topology Discovery and Mapping automatically discovers applications, networks, servers, and systems on initial discovery, and the relationship between the different L2/L3 devices using technologies such as CDP, DHCP, ARP, ICMP, and route tables.
  • Build a hierarchical topology map between your network devices such as switches, routers, VLANs, and older generation bridges and hubs and includes an unmatched component template and signature library for IT infrastructure.
  • Users can create visual relationship maps between services and infrastructure, enabling better problem isolation and root-cause analysis and includes an integrated, multi-tenant NCM module that supports a wide variety of network routers, switches, firewalls and load balancers for configuration management backup and restore.
  • Real-Time and Historical Reportingretrieves data upon request and generates reports and views based on the actual state of infrastructure. that provide short-term and long-term trend plots of imminent violations, and customized reports for fault, performance, threshold, message and inventory.
  • The application process monitor allows comparison and trend analysis reports of similar processes (e.g. Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle, Apache) across multiple machines, and the Composite Metrics feature allows calculating aggregate resource utilization of specific applications in your environment.
  • Support for Wide Range of Infrastructure and applications, cloud and network infrastructure. This includes (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Exchange, Apache, WebLogic, etc.), servers (Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, Windows, Novell, etc.), network devices (Cisco, Foundry, Juniper, Avaya, Amperion, etc.), firewalls, content delivery systems, storage infrastructure, fixed wireless nodes, VoIP infrastructure, and environmental management components.
DRaaS Manager
  • Cloud Activ8 Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS enables immediate recovery from sitewide disasters with a single phone call to our experienced team.
  • Running as a virtual backup appliance on your hardware or the cloud of your choice DraaS can be deployed in your on-premises or remote data center, in Microsoft Azure™ or AWS clouds, or in our purpose-built cloud
  • With Distributed Enterprise Manager to manage a near limitless number of backups in multiple locations from a single intuitive user interface.
  • A simple, customizable dashboard allows administrators to complete complex tasks quickly and efficiently and uses machine learning and predictive analytics to provide powerful protection against ransomware and other malware.
  • Backup system to make it easy to meet your SLAs with SLA Policy Automation to define & schedule backups in one easy step based on your RTO and RPO goals.
  • Automatic ransomware protection with Built-in AI to detect and alerts to ransomware.
  • Automated disaster recovery testing with recovery analytics and RPO/RTO reports.
  • Preconfigured, enterprise-class reporting to ensure compliance requirements
  • Instant Recovery allows one click transformation of Windows servers into VMs, instantly without setting up new hardware.
  • Automated provisioning and instantly create isolated, fully featured test and dev environments.
  • Unified bare metal backup with 1-pass dissimilar bare metal restore.
  • WAN-optimized replication combines deduplication, acceleration, compression, and military-grade encryption.
  • Local archiving availability Disk-to-disk-to-any (D2D2X) to removable media, including tape.
  • Best-in-class backup for physical & virtual workloads — VMware, Hyper-V, Windows, Nutanix, and more.
  • Adaptive Deduplication for global and inline for maximum storage efficiency.
  • Near continuous data protection
  • Intuitive, centralized user interface to manage all of your backups, reports, & archiving from one console.
Back-up. Muti site targets & Media
  • Easy to deploy all-in-one solution pre-packaged virtual appliance with fully integrated, backup, replication, deduplication, archive and instant recovery.
  • Run it on VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, or Xen Server or deploy it as a virtual machine (VM) within the Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services cloud.
  • Intuitive user experience to reduce administration time by 60% with a customizable drag-and-drop control dashboard.
  • Streamlined backup browser lets you manage 1000s of backups with just 2 clicks.
  • Heterogeneous protection delivers virtual and physical protection of over 250 versions of operating systems, hypervisors and applications.
  • Automated long-term data management for easy, capacity-saving regulatory compliance. Set custom backup and retention needed for compliance with HIPAA, SOX, GDPR and other regulations in one step.
  • Automated Ransomware Detection with Artificial Intelligence (AI) runing during every backup, analyzing the file changes to identify a ransomware attack. Upon detection, email and dashboard alerts are immediately sent to administrators and all suspected backups are flagged with a warning icon.
  • Hyperscale cloud intergration for low cost cloud storage or run Unitrends Backup virtual appliances in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud or Amazon’s AWS or GCP . Unitrends Backup appliances can even be used to create off-site copies for your local backups in the cloud or protect your workloads running as VMs within the same cloud.
  • Instant Recovery provides Instant Recovery for Windows, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Unified Bare Metal Recovery.
  • Adaptive inline deduplication with a deduplication ratio of 20:1 or higher is built-in, no extra device required.
  • WAN-optimized replication delivers 2nd site WAN optimized backups by combining deduplication, deduplication acceleration, compression, and encryption for secure byte-level data transmission.
  • Unitrends Bridge delivers local instant recovery of physical (P2V) or virtual (V2V) workloads in one click.
Office 365, G-Suite, Salesforce Back-up
  • Enterprise class, automated Office 365 backup and recovery that you can trust for Mail, Calendar, Contacts, OneDrive, and SharePoint with purpose-built, cloud native backup and recovery for Microsoft Office 365
  • Provides powerful, yet easy-to-use capabilities for administrators and end-users with industry leading privacy, security and compliance
  • Features include Intrusion Detection, Compartmentalized Access, GDPR & HIPAA Compliance, 99.9%
  • Built on Amazon Web Service (AWS) and UE-EU Privacy Shield Certified with Application-Level Security
  • Comprehensive protection supplies organizations with reliable backup and recovery for their Office 365 Mail, Calendars, Contacts, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online.
  • Unlimited storage space and an unrestricted retention policy guarantee that your valuable Office 365 data will remain fully backed up and recoverable at all times.
  • Automated Office 365 backup that auto-discovers new and/or altered content to back up as part of a recurring, incremental backup process that runs quietly in the background
  • Simply “set and forget” your Spanning Backup for Office 365 and know that all your valuable Office 365 and SharePoint Online data will be safe and secure.
  • On Demand manually back-usp can be applied to entire user accounts or narrowed using a number of granular options and are also unlimited, allowing you to create as many backup points as necessary.
  • Detailed reporting utilize immutable audit log for a transparent, actionable report that will provide detailed information on the error, as well as ways to fix it.
  • Admins are given clear, comprehensive insight into the state of all backup and restore activities, which can be viewed directly within the application.
  • Easy to Use & Unlimited Cloud Storage that requires little to no training with unlimited capacity per license

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