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EqualLogic Master Class

Improve the availability, performance and utilization of your IT Infrastructure, by improving application availability and agility while simplifying management. Dell offers the best in class performance and most scalability and integrates seamlessly with storage and switching infrastructure. Disaster Recovery is simplified and the ability to recover sites and integrate with cloud based technologies are small steps in the evolution of virtualisation


09:15 – Registration
09:30 – Welcome
09:45 – EqualLogic
11:45 – Break
12:00 – EqualLogic – Virtualisation
13:30 – Lunch
14.00 – Networking, DR and Enhancements
15:30 – Q&A – Close

EqualLogic Key updates and enhancements to include:


Volume Unmap (Re-thinning), Enhanced Load Balancing, Intelligent Tiering on hybrid arrays, (SSD & HDD), SAN Copy Offload, Block. Zeroing and Scalable Hardware Assisted Locking for VMware and Data Center. Bridging (with 10GbE

Data protection, availability and recovery

Synchronous Replication, Volume Undelete, IPSEC support, Self-encrypting Drive (SED)support, Controller Failover, Automatic RAID Placement, Multi-Volume Writeable Snapshots, Volume Cloning, Auto-Replication, Snapshot and Auto-Replication Scheduler, Volume Consistency Sets and VMware, Thin Provisioning Awareness.

Storage virtualization

Complete SAN Virtualization, Peer Storage Architecture, Storage Pools, Tiering, Non-Disruptive Array addition and Removal, Non-disruptive Array Evacuation, Thin Provisioning, Thin Clones and Integration with VMware APIs (VAAI)

Operations, maintenance and management

Single Sign-on, Group Manager, Host Scripting tools, Role-based administration, Microsoft Active Directory Integration, Audit Logging, Non-disruptive Firmware Upgrade, Phone Home & Email Home, Auto-Stat Disk Monitoring System, Enclosure Monitoring System, Detailed Historical Performance Monitoring

Main system enhanced training

- Key characteristics and advantages of the PS Series Storage Array.
- Where PS Series Storage Array fits within the enterprise data center
- ISCSI SAN ecosystem and its components.
- Update on the PS Series Storage Array software components, advantages and implementation
- Manage the PS Series Storage Array using CLI commands and web GUI.
- Interpret LEDs, capture a Diagnostic report and utilising the SAN HQ from the PS Series Storage Array.
- Identify and perform key system troubleshooting steps.


- Initiator on a variety of operating systems such Linux ,Netware, and Solaris and/ or hardware initiators
- Boot from SAN using the hardware initiator.
- Replication, Multi-Member. Failover and Failback
- Snapshots. Best practice, reserves, recovery, Cloning.
- Configure multi-member groups, storage pools and discuss Storage tiering and how tiering can be used with the array
- Thin Provisioned volumes. Best Practice. Do’s and Dont’s
- VSS and how it can be used in your storage environment and also how it integrates with Dell EqualLogic Auto-Snapshot
- Manager
- Discuss and configure MPIO and Dell EqualLogic Host Integration Tool Kit
- Evaluate design considerations and best practices when using the PS Series Storage Array
- Install and upgrade the firmware on the PS Series Storage Array.
- Capture a Diagnostic report from the PS Series Storage Array.
- Identify and perform key system troubleshooting steps.


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