Cloud Activ8 Automate

Multi-Site, Multi-Cloud Automation Platform. Vendor Agnostic with a powerfulself-service engine to provide enterprise agility, control, and efficiency.

No code skills required.

Quickly enable on-prem private clouds, centralize public cloud access, and orchestrate change with cost analytics, governance policy, and automation. 

Any Hypervisor, Container, Server, Network, Applications, & HCI to include VMWare , Hyper-V & Nutanix On premise or hybrid cloud. Interconnecting On premise to AWS, AZURE, GCP etc. 

Below listed is the capabilities of Automate:

Build & mange Private & Public Cloud & Kubernetes
  • Unify VMware, Nutanix, AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes and more in a single platform to simplify management
  • Turn VMware, Nutanix, KVM, and other hypervisors into multi-tenant ready private clouds by easily integrating CMDB, networks, IPAM, DNS, Load Balancers, and more with no code required.
  • Leverage advanced cloud-native services in AWS, Azure, GCP, and other hyperscale clouds without compromise and without requiring IT teams to learn multiple public cloud toolsets.

Self-service IT provision any app into any cloud
  • Automate catalogue provides on-demand delivery of OS’s, databases, web servers, and more including options for bare metal, VM, containers, and cloud-native items or PaaS services.
  • Layouts can range from a single machine to complex clusters complete with auto-scale rules and primary/secondary node dependencies
  • Automate is the fastest path to multi-cloud and multi-platform self-service
  • Customize your self-service IT catalogue with approved app layouts
  • Automat ships with 30 common applications an use the library builder to add your own approved virtual images. 
  • An instance can have multiple layouts so a single service could have options for private or public cloud.
  • Provision complex hybrid cloud applications with the click of a button or a single line of code
Automate governance engine control over hybrid environments
  • Security Scan Jobs allow users to create and schedule SCAP program (Security Content Automation Program) scans for groups of managed systems.
  • Manage Lifecycle policy to include Naming conventions, Provisioning Approval, Expiration, Shutdown, Removal, Power Schedules, and more
  • Manage usage policies for containers, cores, memory, storage, VMs as well as budgets and resource quotas.
  • Manage Compliance policy with Tag enforcement, User Creation, User Groups, Backups, Delayed Removal, Message Alerts, and more
  • Integrated workflow policy and automate execution of workflows to apply custom policies for security, compliance, and more.
  • Assure compliance with fine-grained role-based access, approvals, quotas, and policy enforcement, Automate application deployment upto 150x faster.
  • Leverage analytics to pause services in off hours
  • Track services from cradle to grave with End-to-End Lifecycle Management
  • Set approval and expiration policies for easy clean-up
  • Discovery and Guidance with diagnostics on usage, utilization, and cloud cost with machine learning powered optimization on VMs, Containers, and Public Clouds
Automation and Application Lifecycles
  • Monitor instances and applications with advanced monitoring features
  • Modernize applications for hybrid IT with Automate Blueprint Engine
  • Combine catalog items to create complex app structures. Assign boot order, service checks, and other dependencies
  • Template complex app deployments with a mix of bare metal, VM, and containers across multi cloud estates both on-prem and off
  • Resize app components and set power schedules
  • Aggregate system logs and tap into global search to quickly troubleshoot cloud software application issues
Optimisation for Private and Public clouds
  • Execute rightsizing recommendations for resource and cost optimisation for CPU, RAM, and Storage to recommend actions for sizing, power state, and reserved instances in public and clouds.
  • Cloud cost optimization includes role-based access and policy and usage management
  • Track summary costs and budgets and Project costs trends for all clouds with detailed metrics
  • Budgets can be scoped to accounts, clouds, sites, and users then scoped to different periods and intervals by month, quarter, or year.
  • Analyze and allocate cloud cost data tracks usage for all instances across all clouds and pull actual public cloud financial data to enable a single cross-cloud system of record.
  • Real-Time Cloud Brokerage and set, compare and control cloud costs
  • Manage costs across multiple clouds with real-time comparison and track all costs with chargeback, plus forecast budgets based on projected use.
  • Set service plan specifics by memory, storage, cores, etc
  • Create and convert your catalogue items from .iso to full install
  • Support cloud-native services
  • Continuous Optimization and monitoring, logging, and incident handling
Hybrid Infrastructure management
  • Run workflows for configuration management, security policies, and more.
  • Enable agile DevOps with self-service provisioning to bare metal, VM, or containers
  • Service Catalogue and Image Tools
  • Template based management for application and custom images deployed across multiple platforms and clouds
  • Easily map workloads to the right infrastructure with custom costing, visibility of public cloud costs and in-line comparison tools
  • Set custom tiers and pricing for provisioned instances with instant visibility of costs from public cloud providers and balance cost, capacity, and performance
  • Comprehensive Reporting by group, user, cloud, and more
  • Eliminate cloud sprawl with approval and extension rules by groups, role, and cloud plus automatically delete instances to keep your cloud estate clean
  • Populate and maintain CMDB for a single source of truth
  • Limit risk by setting backup policy at provision time and reduce time to recover with simple self-serve restore for development teams
  • Backups can be set during or after provisioning with native platform snaps or Veeam or Zerto, with VM, Container, Host, File, and Volume level protection
  • Elastic and Hybrid Scale Balance within or across clouds and burst across clouds with cloud prioritization

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