We have been asking customers for over a decade of being their trusted advisors - “If you could have the ultimate solution, for building-managing- monitoring-securing & right sizing your environment, what would it look like?” and Cloud Activ8, became that answer.

Cloud Activ8 has been developed by the Virso Group of Companies, over a 10 year period. Developed in conjunction with our engineering teams who have been delivering Enterprise Class, Hybrid Cloud and Business Continuity (DR) solutions to all verticals and seeing first-hand how customers couldrealise the full potential of their infrastructure, if automated with global standards based procedures and blue prints through a single pane of glass.

Cloud Activ8
is founded on the firm belief that organisations should have access to world class expertise and guidance with a cost-effective route to increasing efficiency by adopting the benefits of consolidated information technology platforms, wherever or whatever they may be, to include adds, moves and changes and best practice security, governance and compliance including a highly evolved cost management control capability.

As a leading expert integrator of multi-cloud, multi-site encompassing any application or vendor, Cloud Activ8 delivers the flexibility, agility and peace of mind to our customers that we are underwritten by the expertise and the backing of world leading Vendors, to ensure your organisation’s success.

We recognise that the management of complex environments and its underlying data is crucial to producing results, and that information can become an expensive, complex and under-utilised asset whilst trying to deliver ever-changing business requirements whilst ensuring best practice and compliance, making us the ideal partner for all of your information technology needs. Cloud Activ8 delivers this need and capability in a single, intuitive platform.

We provide you, and your team, with full access and control of your IT universe, supporting all your employees, divisions, sites & clouds with access and security control in one place. Cloud Activ8 overlays advanced Network Operations Center and Security Operations Center (NOC & SOC) capabilities but adds Automation, Remediation and Response services & support for a truly revolutionary market disrupting capabilities. 

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The sophisticated card ui add-on for Blocs. Dress up your marketing messages with this custom bric for making beautiful card interfaces.

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ViRSO IT provides technology solutions to consumers, businesses and institutions across the Europe. Our offerings span IT infrastructure, access devices and services for the private and public sectors.

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ViRSO IT has a strict policy for handling customer information. The information you provide to ViRSO IT is confidential and protected to the fullest extent possible. ViRSO IT will not disclose or distribute.

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Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with relevent ISO's provides ViRSO IT with a set of processes that ensure the highest standard of approach to organisational management including sales, engineering and administration.

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